Call Number One as reported by the Davie County Enterprise-Record sometime after initial truck delivery...

Center V.F.D. Saves Barn and Tobacco

The Center Volunteer Fire Department answered its first call Saturday morning and saved an estimated $1200 in property.

The Center department extinguished a tobacco barn blaze, about one mile off Highway 64, behind Edwards Upholstery Shop
 around 11:15 a.m., Saturday. The barn was located on the farm of Austin Lakey, and was being tended by Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Harris. 
Mrs. Harris was watching the tobacco barn at the time it caught afire.

When the barn caught afire, one of the Harris boys ran to the Edwards Upholstery Shop and called Davie Fire Control.
Immediately the Center Volunteer Fire Department was notified and answered with their new truck and tanker. 
Covering a distance of four to four and one-half miles they were at the scene within eight minutes after the fire was discovered.

Bob Powell, President of the Center Volunteer Fire Department, said that the fire was extinguished in about three
or four minutes. The building was saved and approximately two-thirds of the tobacco in the field close to the barn which
would have been destroyed had the barn burned to the ground.

This is the first call to be answered by the Center Volunteer Fire Department which still is in the process of organization.
They received their new truck on July 23 of this year and now have in the process of construction a fire station and alarm system.

Center Fire Department held its 50th Anniversary Celebration on October 12, 2008.  Click here for pictures/videos.